New Years Decor

Like I promised, here are the details of my latest project. Decorating for events is a hobby of mine that I absolutely love, so this was supper exiting for me. I planned all of this sense August, so to see all of my visions come to life felt like a dream. I had a really tight budget to work with, which I was upset about at first, but I am proud to say that I was able to work with it, and didn’t go too much over.

So lets start with the table settings…

I rented table covers from a girl I found on Instagram for a really good deal so I was supper happy about that. (if you want details on that don’t hesitate to ask) Over the table cover I had a tulle overlay that covered the whole table. I got the tulle from a tulle shop online. I chose a very subtle grey that blended really well with the tablecloth, and added a little texture to the table.For the actual plate settings, I chose plastic disposable plates, but you couldn’t even tell. They looked so good and went so perfectly with the scheme of the table. The culture was also silver like the lining of the plate, and the mirrored plate in the center.

For the centerpieces, I had a vase filled with silver branches, a mirrored plate and candles. It was supper simple, but I felt like it added so much character. The vases were the 6″ vases from Dollar tree. I attached the glass candle holder to the bottom to make it taller, and give the vase more character. The mirror plates I got on Amazon. The tealight candles were the perfect touch to that completed the look.

For the backdrop I had an idea that looked SOOOOOO good in my head but then when we attempted to build it, it wasn’t holding up the way I thought it would. So we had to improvise.  I wanted to have an all white tulle backdrop to tie in with the tulle on the tables, and to have silver box-frames, alternating sizes standing right in front of the backdrop. But the wood was too thin to stand on its own, so we ended up just building frames that hung on the backdrop, and stringing flowers inside the frames. The backdrop itself was built out of PVC pipes.

 (this was the “main” backdrop)

For the second backdrop I did a smaller tulle backdrop with alternating flogged christmas trees on each side. And because I didn’t incorporate “2018” anywhere else, we tried to make sure that it stood out.

The sweets table backdrop was designed by my friend who was in charge of sweets, so I left that to her. It turned out so cute!!

and of course a squad pic… New Year, same friends!

Next Project                                                       10/04/17

I am so excited to share with you’ll my next project! I am going to be doing the decor for the Annual SCC Youth New Year’s Event. This was literally my childhood dream. I’ve always wanted to do the decor for the New Year’s party at my church. I love decorating for events, weather it’s a birthday party, or a baby shower I just love doing it! I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned how much I enjoy it, but its definitely a passion I want to pursue in the future. It is stressful, but the feeling you get when your vision comes to life will never get old. I got the honor of helping out with the event last year, but this year I get to bring my visions to life!I’ve been planning this and looking at ideas for themes for month and I’m beyond exited that it has come time to officially plan the night and bring some of my ideas to life.

I feel like when people think of New Year’s parties they automatically think of silver and gold, sequin and metallics . This year I want NO gold what so ever. Its way too over used and I’m honestly so over it!! The last three themes we have done that I remember were Winter Wonderland, Red Carpet, and last year was Great Gatsby which was literally all gold and black. All of these themes were supper cute and creative in their own way, but this year I want to have a theme that is supper different but unique, with a supper cozy touch.

The process of looking for a theme is hard because you want to make sure that not only you will like it, but so will the other 300+ people attending. Another factor is whatever theme you go with, it has to fit the budget. So, I had to pick really carefully and consider all my options. I really want something simple but elegant. I want it to look like it is a New Year’s party but without all the gold and sequin.

So, I decided to go with Black and White Ball/ Black Tie. This theme has all of the things I want to incorporate into the event. Its elegant, it’s simple, and it’s got that cozy touch I want to add. This theme goes with everything and we can do a black and white dress code. Of course, when I chose the theme I did my research on what people have done in the past, but one thing I kept noticing is lots of stripes and more black colors incorporated. I feel like if I do a lot of black it will feel supper gloomy and will make everyone feel even more tired than they already are, so I wanna switch it up a little and do more white. I feel like you can never go wrong with white. It opens up a room and brightens everything up.

I will post updates about the progress and keep y’all in the loop about every detail and maybe even as for advice if I can’t decide on something!!

So, stay tuned for more!!