Happy New Year everyone! I hope all of you had a good holiday season! It’s so crazy to think that the holidays have come and gone, and that we are already in a new year.  This past month was so crazy and chaotic. My birthday was the 1st of December, and it felt like as soon as that passed the rest of the month flew by in fast motion.

With a new year here, I have new goals. This past year was honestly one of the worst years I’ve had. I went through a lot of family stuff, and just personal battles that I’m not quite ready to talk about. But with this new year I’m feeling really good! I normally don’t do new years resolution, but this year I’m changing things up and I have created 3 new years resolutions for myself….

         1. Read the Bible from cover to cover

         2. Do BBG from start to finish (full 12 week program)

         3. Make more time for my blog

These are my 3 main goals for the year. They may not be supper exiting or glamorous, but these are personal aspects of my life that I really want to see myself thriving in.

When I read the bible consecutively and really study what I’m reading and take notes, I start to see progress in my relationship with  God. I can see how reading His word and applying it to my everyday life changes the way I look at things. I start seeing changes in how patient I can be, and how calm I am in the middle of a crisis. But the second I start to get lazy or tired I see all the progress I made slowly go to waste and the relationship I worked so hard to build with God slowly start to weaken along with my patients.

I’ve done BBG (Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines) workout program before, and honestly I did see results. The program is 12 weeks long, but I only made it to week 9. My goal this year is to finish BBG and maybe even do BBG stronger. I HATED working out, but after doing Kayla’s program I slowly began to love it. I love the feeling of knowing that I’m taking care of my body and actually getting results.

And finally one of my goals this year is to make more time to blog. I LOVE this blog so much it’s truly my outlet, but I was so busy with school, new years stuff, and the holidays, so I wasn’t really able post a lot, but now that that’s all over I will hopefully have a lot more time to put into the blog and create more posts that will be fun, and helpful for y’all!!

         So stay tuned, 2018 is going to be full of new fun and helpful content! 🙂