Dear 2017,

Wow what a year you were… you broke me down, you shattered me into so many prices, you left me feeling alone, hurt, venerable, damaged.  You showed me sides of myself that I never knew even existed.  You made me feel week and turned my whole world up side down at times. But, with all of that you made me stronger, a fighter, a warrior and most of all you taught me how to forgive, to respect, and to accept myself. You taught me to love the people closest to me even when they hurt me. You taught me to guard my heart and to have faith like I have never had before. You taught me that even through the hardest, most destructive storms, the sun comes out and everything starts to get better. Through the darkest times I was able to see that small light at the end of each trial that gave me hope to keep pushing through.

2017, you are forever going to be engraved into my memory. I will never forget the things I went through this past year, but because of all of it, something much bigger was born. Something greater then I could ever even imagine. You gave me hope. Hope that this next year will be better. That this new year will be full of joy and full of happiness. No matter how hard you hit me I came out stronger, bolder. I took the negativity you handed me, and made it into something positive. When you tore me down, the grace of God built me back up and He mended me.

The lessons you taught me this past year will forever be a part of me. And all thanks to you I found the courage to finally publish this blog and share my life with the world. To be completely honest, I have no idea what this new year holds, but I know who holds it. Whatever 2018 throws at me, I’ll be stronger!

So heres to a new year, a bank page, a fresh start!