Happy Birthday MAMA💛

November is a busy time of year. As soon as Halloween is over the holidays kick off in full swing. Hallmark starts playing their Christmas movies all day and radio stations start playing Christmas music. And the holiday countdown begins. In my family it’s not just the holidays that keep us busy, it’s also the birthdays. My sisters is November 18th, my moms is the 27th and mine is December 1st.

Out of all of theses birthdays (including my own) my favorite one to celebrate is my mom’s. My mom is the most amazing, humble person you will ever meet. She has the kindest most devoted heart. Her life revolves around her  kids and grandkids. She’s your go-to person for just about anything. Her wisdom is really just beyond measures. She always gives me pep talks about life and how to apply my faith to every aspect of my life. If I am going through something and need someone to talk to she’s usually the first I go to for advice.  Her strength inspires me to be better, to want more out of life, and to always stay humble.


Happy Birthday MAMACHKA!! We love you so much!