Happy Thanksgiving!!


The holiday season is officially here! The holiday season is my FAVORITE season of all. Theres something in the air that just makes you want to smile at strangers and spread the holiday cheer. The older I get the sooner it feels the holidays come!!

Thanksgiving to me, is a very special holiday. My whole family usually gathers together and we reflect on the year and all the things God has blessed us with. This Thanksgiving I’m most grateful for my parents. I’ve learned over this past year how strong they both are, and how they keep our whole family together. We have gone through some tough things as a family but no matter what by the grace of God, and my parents prayers everything works out. They are like the screw that holds everything in place. Their faith and encouragement inspires me to want more out of life, and to always seek the lord through any trial that I may face.

My family doesn’t necessarily have any “Thanksgiving traditions” but we always do the same thing, church in the morning, then we all get together. First we eat, then the guys stay at the table talking about cars, politics, etc… and the girls sit on the couch talking about babies,  newly discovered food recipes, and more about babies, and all the kids run around like wild animals on a sugar high. It’s just your typical Argirov family gathering!!

Here’s some of the details from our family Thanksgiving Lunch…

Setting the table is one of my favorite things to do for thanksgiving. Last year we had the same plate settings which I absolutely loved, and for the centerpieces I did bubble vases with a gold floating candle and cranberries, and some greens.

This year I wanted to go for a more traditional/rustic inspired look. So I kept the same plate settings, but for the centerpiece I knew that wanted to do a green garland. I was on a hunt for tiny orange and white pumpkins but couldn’t find them so I went with pinecones that sell HEAVENLY, leaves and wheat straws.  Overall I think it turned out really pretty, even though it wasn’t what I initially wanted.